Derco Repair Services, Inc.:
Lockheed Martin

Derco Repair Services is a Lockheed Martin Approved Repair Center for C-130 B-H model aircraft components. As a testament to Derco Repair Services commitment to quality, Derco Repair Services was the first repair station to be approved under the Lockheed Martin Hologram repair program. As a provider of approved repairs, Derco Repair meets Lockheed Martin’s stringent prerequisites and annual audit scrutiny for component repair and overhaul activities. Each component that Derco Repair services, repairs, or overhauls is returned to the customer with an Approved Repair Certificate bearing the distinctive serialized Lockheed Martin Hologram. The Hologram is a symbol of the high quality standards employed and provides assurance that all component repairs are performed in accordance with Lockheed Martin specifications, utilizing only approved parts and processes.

Lockheed Martin

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